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What's New in dB-Lab 212.704

New KET Update

A new minor software update for the KLIPPEL Analyzer System is now available, featuring a two-fold KLIPPEL Endurance Test (KET) update. The update is free of charge for all users running dB-Lab 212. For more information of the minor update, see our updated version of the What's New briefing sheet - Click here for the English Version or 中文版本

KLIPPEL Endurance Test (KET)

Higher Power with UNICA 

The KET software now supports the Unica amplifier platform by Powersoft, offering an extended U/I range of up to 220Vpeak and 80 Apeak. There are 8 and 4-channel versions available, which can be mixed with the existing Mezzo amplifier platform for low and medium power requirements. All amplifiers are connected via Dante® digital audio to a dedicated PC for seamless monitoring of test progress via the test dashboard locally and within the local network. Similar to Mezzo-based tests, it also allows for comprehensive monitoring of power, coil temperature, input resistance, voltage, current, and external sensors, including ambient conditions.

Better Temperature Monitoring

The second significant update focuses on improving temperature monitoring accuracy in KET. Internal test stimuli have been optimized to minimize variations in temperature measurement, especially at high levels. These stimuli have an identical spectral and probability density function (PDF) as natural noise stimuli. They are based on relatively short, periodic multitone signals with a pink or white spectral distribution. In comparison to the deprecated Powertest Module (PWT), the new temperature reading can track rapid changes in temperature faster, which is important for microspeakers and tweeters.

For more information of the minor update, see our updated version of the What's New briefing sheet - Click here for the English Version | 中文版本

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