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AN 79b Efficient, Mobile Quality Assurance of PA Speakers

New Application Note AN79b

In commercial, public events the audience expects nothing but a flawless performance. Especially in concerts, defects in the most stressed component of the audio system - the loudspeakers - can impair the experience, drastically. Back in stock, simple listening tests are widely used for inspection, being inaccurate, highly subjective and stressful for the operator. Critical sound pressure levels cannot be used at all and to avoid hearing damage. Consequently, defects may go unnoticed resulting in failure in the worst moment, in front of the audience, where no solution is available.

In order to overcome these problems, Application Note AN79a Quality Assurance of Mobile Sound Reinforcement Equipment suggests objective, electro-acoustic testing using the KLIPPEL QC System based on KLIPPEL Analyzer, switchers, microphone arrays and a controlled test environment for best sensitivity and reproducibility, comparable to manufacturer end-of-line testing.

However, in contrast to this full-featured test concept the present document AN79b Efficient, Mobile Quality Assurance of PA Speakers suggests a scaled-down, price-efficient approach for smaller companies, secondary test sites and mobile test setups. Together with Tech Note 17 - Setting up Dante & Powersoft Mezzo for QC Stand-alone, this concept relies on a minimal set of hardware components using a Dante compatible audio-over-IP amplifiers with integrated voltage and current sensors as the main test frontend operated with QC Stand-alone software version. It also suggests a simple and effective test strategy that relies on a small set of single value, relative metrics that can be tested against universal pass/fail and grade limits.

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