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AES Conference 2024

KLIPPEL at AES Conference on Automotive Audio

AES Conference on Automotive Audio takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden on June 26th to 28th, 2024. Join the conference for a three-day program filled with educational content for all audio engineers in the automotive space. Our Head of QC and R&D Development Stefan Irrgang and KCS Application Engineer Stephan Schönfeld will present a workshop about Life Cycle of Controlled Car Speaker Using AVAS as an Example.

Date: June 26th to 28th, 2024
Location: Uni3 by Geely in Gothenburg, Sweden
More information on the AES Conference website. 

Experience our Workshop

Life Cycle of Controlled Car Speaker Using AVAS as an Example by Stefan Irrgang and Stephan Schönfeld
on Thursday, June 27, 2024 | at 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm | Auditorium

Abstract: This workshop discusses the product life cycle of a typical, actively controlled car speaker system from design over pre-production and mass production up to the monitoring and control in the final use inside a car. AVAS (acoustic vehicle alerting systems) are used as an example with respect to special safety and quality requirements. Practical demos during the workshop show typical tasks mandatory for the different phases of product life. Active control comprises the opportunities given by software to support measurements and diagnostics as well as advanced protection and distortion reduction techniques.

The design phase as an early phase balances resources (hardware) and control options (software) to create safe, cost-efficient and sustainable products. This process, known as green speaker design, will be explained and includes also verification strategies that are demonstrated. A prototype system is the result of the design phase. The focus in pre-production is to stress and determine the reliability and robustness of the prototype system for collecting valuable information about limitations and getting feedback for possible design improvements. Long-term tests under critical conditions, accelerated life testing and the assessment of headroom before failure or destruction are investigated. In mass production the focus is on fast and reliable reproduction of the prototype including verification at the end-of-line. Particularly for AVAS speakers, leakage testing and comprehensive defect detection in minimal time is key. A novel method to detect small air leaks in enclosures is introduced and demonstrated.

Safety requires an early detection of failures in the final use in produced cars. Controlled car speakers are permanently monitored and allow a detailed analysis of aging symptoms, excessive distortion, providing indications for potentially failures of the system. Actions can be taken to inform the end user, the manufacturer and the workshop. The two latter may receive diagnostics information about the time based variance of the product to efficiently repair the problem and to improve the product quality for next generation products. A typical data set will be recorded and analyzed during the workshop.

Wednesday, 2024-06-26 11:08 Age: 26 Days