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R&D System

R&D System –  The Development Tool of Audio Technology

R&D System


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The Klippel R&D System comprises the hardware Distortion Analyzer, the project management software dB-Lab and many modules for all kinds of measurements. 


The system offers every-day acoustical tests, small and large signal parameter measurement (including T/S parameters), distortion measurements, accelerated life and power testing, simulation and auralization modules. It measures all kind of speakers, from micro-speakers to subwoofers as well as audio systems. 


Accessories like lasers, microphones, power amplifier and mounting stand complete the test setup. 


The Scanning Vibrometer System is an add-on, using the Distortion Analyzer hardware, special software and accessories for cone vibration and radiation analysis. 


Other add-ons are offered for cone and spider testing (SPM) and speaker material measurement (MPM). 


Please Note: The results of measurements (measuring data, parameter, curves, PASS/FAIL decisions) depend on the measurement methods and the setup made by the user. The measurement methods are described in the KLIPPEL‘s specifications, papers and user manuals. KLIPPEL is not liable for any damage caused by interpretation or misinterpretation of measurement results.