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Multi-Tone Measurement (MTON)

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-tone fundamental and distortion measurements
  • Continuous maximum SPL related to ANSI/CEA-2010-B [1], ANSI/CEA-2034 [2] and IEC 60268-21 [3]
  • Thermal compression
  • Variable measurement and cooling time durations
  • Measurement of active and passive speakers
  • Assess performance fast and comprehensive
  • Get acoustic “Fingerprint”
  • Flexibility on stimulus and threshold setup
  • Distortion separation without model
  • Temperature protection

The Multi-Tone Measurement (MTON) module provides sound pressure level (SPL) based characteristics using a multi-tone stimulus. MTON offers different measurement modes to provide a high flexibility of measurement procedures.
While the “Single Test” mode performs a single multi-tone measurement, the “Voltage Increment” mode produces an automatic test sequence to obtain the maximum SPL value limited by user-defined thresholds considering driver compression, multi-tone distortion and temperature increase. This flexibility in the threshold and stimulus configuration allows the MTON module to perform measurements related to standards ANSI/CEA-2010-B [1], ANSI/CEA-2034 [2] and IEC 60268-21 [3].


Klippel Analyzer 3 (KA3)

Linear Parameter Measurement (LPM)

Power amplifier
• Microphone
Laser (Optional)

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Application Note
• AN72 - Testing wireless audio devices with Klippel R&D


Consumer Electronics Association
CEA-2010-A (ANSI), CEA-2010-B (ANSI)

International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC 60268-21

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