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Product support

Problem report

Please note that KLIPPEL can only support equipment and software that was delivered by KLIPPEL GmbH. If distributors add local equipment, please contact your distributor for support. Should you come across a problem please send an email to support(at)klippel(dot)de. Please indicate your hardware serial number in your email and add "support information" and "log files" from the dB-Lab yellow envelope button.    
Find more information on how to send measurement results for support 

Support contract

Ensure to get prompt help for potential problems and questions, and get the latest software updates by signing an annual support contract for your R&D or QC System. KLIPPEL reserve the right to decline support requests without a valid support contract.
Contract terms:

Hardware calibration

It is recommended to send in the measurement hardware Distortion Analyzer, Production Analyzer and Power Monitor 8 every 2 years for manufacturer calibration. Make sure to get a quotation before shipment and follow below return shipment instructions.

KLIPPEL License Policy

The KLIPPEL Software dB-Lab coming on CD or User Site with a KLIPPEL system can be installed at any computer within the customer company for data viewing and post processing. For measurements or using KLIPPEL post-processing/simulation software a KLIPPEL hardware or USB Dongle and a valid license key is required.

With delivery the user receives license keys valid for 3 months. After receipt of full payment KLIPPEL provides permanent license keys at the User Site for download. Customer gets an automatic message to install the license keys.

License keys depend on software version and module. Updates to new software release version is free of charge within 6 month from purchase of a system.

Additional modules for measurements/post-processing/data analyzing/simulations are not included in free software updates.

Please download the License Agreement hereundefined


If you own a KLIPPEL SYSTEM, you have always access to your software for a new installation, via the KLIPPEL USER SITE.
The main technical contact person will receive the login for the company USER SITE, where you find the list of your hardware units, the link to your allowed software (latest version) and the license keys to your measurement modules.
The main contact person can create more logins for other users in your company.
If you lose your password, you can send a request here (your email is needed):
If you need a new login, please contact: sales(at)klippel(dot)de 

Laser calibration

The laser calibration should be performed by the user from time to time, find instructions in the R&D SYSTEM User Manual “Hardware Guide”.

Microphone calibration

The microphone calibration can be done at 3 different levels of accuracy:

  • All microphones delivered by KLIPPEL come with a sensitivity certificate measured by the manufacturer. This sensitivity value can be imported into the software for calibrating the microphone measurements.
  • To get a more accurate microphone calibration an additional calibrator (offered by KLIPPEL) can be used to calibrate the microphone to the exact working conditions. Temperature, atmospheric pressure and the electrical input behavior are considered during this procedure. This is a very easy and fast calibration and should be done periodically - monthly, weekly or daily depending on the usage of your microphones and the environmental conditions.
  • In addition to the calibration which is normally done at 1 kHz, the frequency response correction curve can be imported into the software. The frequency response curve is delivered by the microphone manufacturer. To verify the frequency response of a microphone it has to be send in to the manufacturer or to any other acoustic test lab that offers such services.

Computer & Amplifier

What kind of computer is required to run KLIPPEL Systems? See the details:


A power amplifier is required for running KLIPPEL Systems. Find technical details here:

Hardware return shipment

If you have to return a hardware unit to KLIPPEL for calibration or repair, please follow the instructions:

1. Report the problems to your local distributor or to KLIPPEL first. Many problems can be solved via email. A hardware should be returnded only, after confirmation by KLIPPEL.

2. Please use origningal packaging material, as boxes and foam pieces. This is very important to avoid damage during transportation. If you don't have the original packaging material anymore, please use good material and proper way of packing. Please note that parcels are often thrown during shipment.

3. Always send the power supply together with the harware unit.

4. Use this address for shipping: KLIPPEL GmbH, Mendelssohnallee 30, 01309 Dresden, Germany

5. From outside European Union: please indicate at the Proforma Invoice/ Delivery Note for customs: 

Product name and serial number.
Customs tariff number for measurement hardware units: 902780
Made in Germany. No commercial value. Return shipment for calibration, no sales.

KLIPPEL Office Hours

Contact us via email support(at)klippel(dot)de, we will reply as soon as possible.
Our offce hours are: Monday - Friday, 8am – 5pm in Germany (Central European Time)
Our office is closed on German National Holidays, see details here.