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QC System

QC System – 100% Testing in Manufacturing

QC System
The system offers multiple configuration options. Here we show a Production Analyzer, computer, footswitch, amplifier, test microphone and a second microphone for monitoring production noise. The external amplifier is a flexible solution for providing the performance required by a particular application.

The KLIPPEL QC SYSTEM satisfies the particular requirements of end-of-line testing of transducers (e.g. loudspeaker drive units) and complete audio systems in a production environment: 

• fast as a flash (high speed measurement at physical limits)
• comprehensive testing (transducer, electronics, …)
• more sensitive than human hearing (Rub & Buzz, air leakage, …)
• robust in a production environment (ambient noise immunity)
• minimal rejection rate (on-line diagnostics)
• as simple as possible (startup tool, automatic limit setting, …)
• ready for process automation

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Please note: The results of measurements (measurement data, parameters, curves, PASS/FAIL decisions) depend on the measurement methods and the setup made by the user. The measurement methods are described in the KLIPPEL‘s specifications, papers and user manuals. KLIPPEL is not liable for any damage caused by interpretation or misinterpretation of measurement results.