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Comprehensive Testing

The KLIPPEL QC system simplifies testing using flexible sequences for the comprehensive assessment of all kinds of audio devices such as transducers, active and passive systems, amplifiers and multi-channel products. Third party audio interfaces and KLIPPEL multiplexers enable testing of any analog or digital, single or multi-channel devices. Hardware and software interfaces are used to communicate with intelligent devices or the production environment.

Comprehensive testing

Linear Measurements

  • Magnitude and phase of frequency response
  • Gated impulse response
  • Polarity (acoustic phase) at selected frequencies
  • Sensitivity in specified frequency range
  • SPL of selected frequencies or bands
  • Variety of test signals: sine sweep, noise, single + multi-tone, WAVE file
  • Sweep amplitude profile to ensure optimal SNR

Distortion Measurements

  • Harmonic Distortion: 2nd - 5th, THD
  • Incoherence
  • Transient Rub & Buzz distortion analysis superior to steady state measurement
  • Sweep with speed profile – spend test time in critical frequency range

Parameter Measurement

  • Thiele/Small parameters: RefsQtsQesQms
  • Other linear parameters: LeCmesLcesRes
  • Vented box parameters: Qb, fb
  • Thiele/Small parameters by added mass technique: BlMmsVasKmsCmsRms

Application to a Wide Range of Test Objects

  • Any kind of transducer (moving coil, electro-static, piezo, balanced armature)
  • Drivers mounted in sealed or vented enclosures, horns, …, car bodies
  • Audio electronics (amplifiers, DSP)
  • Single to multi-channel loudspeaker system
  • System with digital and acoustical delay (MP3 player)
  • Passive and active systems with analogue and digital interface (USB)
  • 0.5 Ω up to 20 kΩ impedance: (automotive, 100 V PA speaker)
  • 1 mW to 1kW power (telecommunication, professional application)
  • 1 mA to 15 A current (microphone, shakers)
  • 5 Hz … 90 kHz frequency range (subwoofer, high-end tweeter)