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» Diagnostics in Audio Systems

KLIPPEL provides measurement instruments for designing and manufacturing of loudspeaker drivers, audio systems, micro-speakers and more: 
Large signal analysis– to find causes limiting the acoustical output and generating distortion; Linear, nonlinear and thermal modeling– to design smaller, light-weight and cost effective speakers; Parameter measurements– to combine lumped parameter modeling with finite element analysis; Vibration and radiation analysis– to generate optimal directivity characteristics of the sound; High speed 100% testing- to detect defective units (e.g. rub & buzz and many other defects) in a noisy production environment.

Lecture at Dresden University in March 2015

All engineers active in audio product and loudspeaker design, research & development and quality control and all interested students are invited to the 3 day lecture "Sound Quality of Audio Systems" by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klippel at Dresden University of Technology, March 23rd-25th, 2015. 

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