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» Diagnostics in Audio Systems

KLIPPEL provides measurement instruments for designing and manufacturing of loudspeaker drivers, audio systems, micro-speakers and more: 
Large signal analysis– to find causes limiting the acoustical output and generating distortion; Linear, nonlinear and thermal modeling– to design smaller, light-weight and cost effective speakers; Parameter measurements– to combine lumped parameter modeling with finite element analysis; Vibration and radiation analysis– to generate optimal directivity characteristics of the sound; High speed 100% testing- to detect defective units (e.g. rub & buzz and many other defects) in a noisy production environment.

Near Field Scanner System
copyright: Couvrette/Ottawa

Product Sample: NFS

»Near Field Scanner 3D

The NFS System identifies far field directivity characteristic as well as 3D near field sound pressure. 

The new measurement technique is done in near field and does not require an anechoic chamber. High measurement accuracy is achieved for large pro audio speakers as well as small mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, etc.) 

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