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» Diagnostics in Audio Systems

KLIPPEL provides measurement instruments for designing and manufacturing of loudspeaker drivers, audio systems, micro-speakers and more: 
Large signal analysis– to find causes limiting the acoustical output and generating distortion; Linear, nonlinear and thermal modeling– to design smaller, light-weight and cost effective speakers; Parameter measurements– to combine lumped parameter modeling with finite element analysis; Vibration and radiation analysis– to generate optimal directivity characteristics of the sound; High speed 100% testing- to detect defective units (e.g. rub & buzz and many other defects) in a noisy production environment.

Product Sample: LD

Leak Detection

»Air Leak Noise Detection

LD detects air leaks in enclosures, dust caps and other parts of loudspeaker systems. The test uses a single-tone stimulus in combination with a demodulation technique and a specific harmonic distortion analysis providing unique symptoms of turbulent air noise and leak distortion to distinguish this defect from other failures. It’s an optional module of QC System and combines easy handling with high-speed measurement and robustness against ambient noise. Read more »

Product Sample: AUR



AUR module of R&D System combines subjective and objective testing of loudspeakers. A mixing console allows to generate an arbitrarily distorted output which is the basis for systematic listening tests. AUR is based on the large signal model solved in real time for any input signal.

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Product Sample: MUX



KLIPPEL MUX helps with testing multi-channel systems, it works with KLIPPEL R&D and QC SYSTEM. There are several models available: MIC Version, LINE-IN, LINE-OUT and SPEAKER VersionRead more »

Product Sample: LSI

LSI - Large Signal Identification

»Large Signal Identification

LSI provides linear, nonlinear and thermal parameters. The temperature, displacement and current are monitored. A distortion analysis reveals the distortion generated by Bl(x), Cmx(x), Le(x), Le(i). 

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Production Analyzer

»End of Line Testing

The QC is dedicated to very fast testing of loudspeaker drive units and complete systems at the assembling line or for incoming goods control. Besides all usual tests, we offer unique features for voice coil position testing, large signal measurements, sensitive rub+buzz testing, ambient noise detection, automatic defect classifiction, leak detection and much more. Read more »

Product Sample: PWT


 »Power Testing 

PWT module is perfect for checking the variance of parameters and investigating long term variation due to ageing and ambient conditions. It provides a generator for a variety of standardized and customized noise, two-tone and sweep signals using a predefined amplitude-time profile. Voltage and current are monitored and the variation of the voice coil temperature. A “death report” shows the loudspeaker destruction process. In PWT Pro the large signal parameters are determined by a user defined stimulus. Read more.

Product Sample: SPM

SPM - Suspension Part Measurement

»Suspension Part Measurement

Nonlinear stiffness K(x) and  compliance C(x) of spider, surrounds, cones and passive radiators are measured versus displacement x over the full range of operation. A dynamic, nondestructive technique tests the parts under similar condition as operated in the loudspeaker. Read more »

Product Sample: SIM


»Simulation Module

SIM software performs a numerical simulation of electro-dynamical drivers mounted in common enclosure systems. The dominant nonlinearities of the driver (motor and suspension), the enclosure (air compression, port losses, passive radiator suspension) and radiation (Doppler effect) are considered. Read more »

Product Sample: SCN

Scanning vibrometer system

» Scanning Vibrometer System

The SCN System measures mechanical vibration and cone geometry and performs a vibration and radiation analysis to predict the total sound pressure output and the directivity pattern. 

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Product Sample: Vacuum Kit

Vacuum Measurement Kit

Loudspeaker drivers, micro-speakers, headphones, micro-phones are measured in vacuum to identify properties and the parameters of the electro-mechanical system directly while the effect of air is eliminated.    

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Product Sample: TRF

TRF - Transfer Function Measurement


TRF is the every-day tool for electrical, mechanical and acoustical measurements. It provides all functionality of traditional instruments developed for linear systems but also performs harmonic distortion measurements. Stimulus shaping allows to measure the cone break-up modes by using a laser displacement sensor. Read more »

Product Sample: MPM


»Material Parameter Measurement

The MPM module measures the Young's E modulus and the loss factor of the raw material used for loudspeaker design such as thin foils of plastic, rubber and any kind of paper and impregnated fabric. MPM helps to find optimal materials and meaningful input data for FEA. read more »

Product Sample: LST

LST - Linear Suspension Test

»Linear Suspension Test in QC 

The LST equipment works with KLIPPEL QC SYSTEM and provides a fast test of spiders, cones, surrounds and passive radiators (drones) at the end of production line and for incoming goods control. Read more »

Product Sample: Clamping

Micro-speaker Clamping

»Micro-Speaker Clamping & Vacuum Stand 

The Clamping allows a comfortable mounting of micro-speakers, headphone drivers and tweeters up to 100 g. Means for precise laser displacement sensor positioning and calibration and measurement microphone mounting are provided. Read more »

What can I test with KLIPPEL R&D and QC SYSTEM?

Klippel Application

Micro-speaker, Woofer, Tweeter, Headphone Driver, Subwoofer, Horn, Compression Driver, Shaker, Exciter, Telephone Set, Mobil Phone, Automotive Audio System, Notebook, Multimedia System, Game Console, Active + Passive Loudspeaker System, Microphone, Head Set, Hand Set, Beeper, Conference System, Speaker Parts and much more »

Product Sample: DIS

DIS - 3D Distortion Measurement


3 D Distortion Measurement module measures harmonics, intermodulation, DCdisplacement (from coil jump out effect), compression, stability and other nonlinear symptoms which are important for assessing the large signal behavior of loudspeakers. It's the twin module of the Simulation Module (SIM) and simplifies the loudspeaker optimization. Read more »

Product Sample: NI Module

QC with ambient noise mic

»Production Noise Immunity 

Production noise during end-of-line testing can easily corrupt the measurement and cause wrong PASS/FAIL results. The Noise Immunity option of the Klippel QC system copes with this problem providing full noise immunity by using a new patent protected technology. The impact of ambient noise is reliably predicted using a second microphone. Corrupted measurements are repeated automatically and moreover the valid parts may be merged together giving the accurate result eventually in a minimal time. Read more »