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Polar Far-Field Measurement (POL)

  • Measurement under free field condition
  • Directivity in polar coordinates
  • Automatic control of turn-tables
  • 2D and 3D Display modes (polar, balloon)
  • Open Export Interface (ASCII)

The POL module offers a fully automated measurement of the sound pressure on a spherical surface under free-field conditions in polar coordinates φ, θ and r. The measurement distance (r) should be larger than the largest dimension (d) of the device (r>>d) and the longest wavelength (r>>λ) to measure directivity in the far field.



  • Distortion Analyzer 2 hardware
  • dB-Lab Software
  • TRF Module
  • VACS Software by R&D Team
  • Power Amplifier
  • Turn table
  • Microphone
  • PC

Templates coming with the software:



Polar plot measurement with angular resolution of 10 degree.

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