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The Klippel training courses are developed for anyone who wants to learn more about loudspeaker measurements. Our aim is to provide basic knowledge on loudspeaker modeling, measurement techniques and practical experiences to help learners interpret their measurement results correctly.

How does it work?

All the information and materials you need to complete the training are provided here on the website:

  1. A handout provides the theory and step-by-step instructions to interpret the measurement results.
  2. The demo movie shows you how to perform the training.
  3. Free software tools are available to analyze the loudspeaker behavior.
  4. Multiple choice questions help you to check your knowledge.

At the end of each training course you may submit your responses to an anonymous evaluation system. The system sends automatically an email to you and gives you some hints to review the incorrect choices and learn more. If you perform well on the test, you'll receive a "Certificate of Knowledge".

If you have hardware components of the KLIPPEL system you may use the tips and suggestions given at the end of each session to get started with your own loudspeaker measurements.

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For technical problems, please contact: info@klippel.de

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