Training #5 - Predicting the Nonlinear Loudspeaker Behavior

Objectives of this Training Session

  • Modeling of the loudspeaker behavior in the large signal domain
  • Solving the differential equation in the time domain for arbitrary sinusoidal stimuli
  • Evaluation of design choices by virtual variation of the loudspeaker nonlinearities
  • Relationship between nonlinear symptoms and loudspeaker parameters
  • Interpretation of loudspeaker measurements (Loudspeaker diagnostics)

Step 1: Download the handout with instructions

➜ Here you can find the theory, instructions and questions for this training.

Step 2: Watch the demo movie

Step 3: Download the Material

We provide visualization and analysis software and a database containing results of real loudspeaker measurement.

Step 4: After completing the hands-on training, you'll be able to check your multiple choice responses and receive your "Certificate of Knowledge" (optional)

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