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KLIPPEL Analyzer 3 (KA3)

The Klippel Analyzer 3 is the hardware platform for R&D modules and QC tasks that performs the data acquisition and real time processing. It is connected to the Host-PC / dB-Lab via USB 2.0. In standard configuration the hardware hosts several input and output channels, which are all digitalized in a 24 bit format up to 192 kHz. It allows for direct current/voltage measurements on a speaker and has built in power source for BNC and XLR microphones. Due to its modular design, the platform offers great sustainability and flexibility to make it fit best to special and future measurement applications.

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Power Monitor (PM8)

Power Monitor 8 is a special hardware platform for the simultaneous long-term testing of up to 8 speakers. The hardware hosts a high performance digital signal processor for demanding calculations and accurate 24 Bit AD/DA converters with a sampling frequency of up to 96 kHz. The Power Monitor 8 can be operated as a stand-alone unit by using the key pad and the display. Connecting a computer via the USB interface, the computer software dB-Lab and several measurement modules can be used to control the unit and to visualize the results. In addition to the 8 channel speaker monitoring, the hardware provides a two channel line (XLR) in- and output.

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Distortion Analyzer 2 (discontinued)

This page provides information for KLIPPEL customers who already own a Distortion Analyzer.
The Distortion Analyzer 2 (DA2) is the predecessor of the KA3. 
The DA2 is discontinued and not available for sale any more.
DA2 - Technical Information