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Accessories of KLIPPEL QC SYSTEM

KLIPPEL provides numerous accessories to complement the measurement hardware for QC application.

Temperature & Humidity Sensor (dB-Lab or QC6 required)

Robust for use at assemply line
USB interface (USB powered)
No separate driver installation (incl. in QC installation)
Temperature and humidity data recorded automatically with each measurement
Logged data ca be analyzed regarding impact on driver behaviour
Requires QC6.1
Compatible to any hardware platform

QR/Barcode Scanner

Fast serial number entry of device under test by reading barcode/QR code
Comfortable and quick test selection using QC-Start
Ergonomic handling
No driver installation required

GPIB Controller

GPIB-USB interface to control third party instruments
Extend testing capabilities
Acquire external measurement data
Supported by External Devices (EXD) module

Manual Sweep Controller

Intuitive control of the manual sweep frequency and volt-age
Ergonomic handling
Toggling between frequency and level control mode
Change speed between very detailed and fast
Driver available with QC installation

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