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Polar Far-Field Measurement (POL)

Features and Benefits

Balloon plot of SPL versus angles θ and φ at 2 kHz
  • Measurement under free field condition
  • Directivity in polar coordinates
  • Automatic control of turn-tables
  • 2D and 3D display modes (polar, baloon)
  • Open export interface (ASCII)

The POL module offers a fully automated measurement of the sound pressure on a spherical surface under free-field conditions in polar coordinates φ, θ and r. The measurement distance (r) should be larger than the largest dimension (d) of the device (r>>d) and the longest wavelength (r>>λ) to measure directivity in the far field.

Polar plot showing horizontal and vertical SPL at three frequencies

Templates coming with the software

Polar plot measurement with angular resolution of 10 degree.


Germany: 102013000684; USA: 9,584,939B2; China: 2014100795121

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