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Sound Pressure and Impedance (SPL-IMP)

Task of the QC BASIC Software and QC STANDARD Software

Features and Benefits

  • Optimized for quality control applications, such as end-of-line testing
  • Included in the Klippel QC Standard and Basic Software package 
  • Comprehensive testing: Combined testing of acoustic (SPL) and electric (Impedance) characteristics
  • Fast testing with high sensitivity: amplitude and speed shaping (testing from 200 ms for full bandwidth)
  • Production noise detection to avoid false rejects
  • Limits, Grades for all measures
  • Online yield, Cpk/Ppk, control rules
  • Comprehensive analysis based on chirp / sine sweep for acoustic, mechanical and electrical signals according to IEC 60286
    • Amplitude frequency response, opt. windowing
    • Average Level, multiple band level
    • Phase, polarity, time delay
    • Harmonic distortion (THD, 2nd-5th)
    • Track down defects: Rub&Buzz, HOHD, air leakage noise
    • T/S parameter identification according to IEC 60286
    • Vented Box Parameters (fb, Qb)
    • Impedance amplitude and phase frequency response 

The Sound Pressure and Impedance Task (SPL-IMP) is a comprehensive measurement task dedicated to QC applications. It combines the speed and sensitivity of the SPL task with the precise lumped parameter measurement of the Impedance Task. The excitation signal is a logarithmic chirp that allows very fast testing over the full bandwidth from 200 ms according to IEC standard 60268-5, 21 and 22. 

The SPL-IMP offers outstanding sensitivity (identical to the SPL task) for all kinds of distortion caused by undesired dynamics (e.g. rocking modes), manufacturing problems and defects (e.g. Rub & Buzz). Detecting defects with the highest sensitivity requires robustness against any external noise from production (EoL), which is included in this task. Note that some feature libraries and add-ons are not available for SPL-IMP task. 


Optional Extensions

Options operate as plug-ins and extend the functionality of this task. 
No additional test time is required, all options use or modify the excitation of this task.

Add-Ons (to purchase):
Meta Hearing Technology (MHT)
  Defect detection beyond human hearing
External Synchronization (SYN)
  Synchronize digital audio (e.g. Bluetooth) and trigger open-loop tests

Feature Libraries (free of charge):
Calculate SPL Resonances:
  Provides resonance frequency and peak value for peaks in definable bands. 
  Can be checked against limits.
Sequence Control:
  Repeats or skips measurement tasks with or without user interaction.
Square Wave Stimulus:
  Provides square wave chirp instead of sine chirp.


Test Hardware

License Dongle (USB)




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International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC 60268-5, IEC 60268-22, IEC WD 63034

Audio Engineering Society
AES2-1984, AES2-1984, AES X241

International Organization for Standardization
ISO 266

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