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Help / F.A.Q.

Why can I not download some Files?
Some Downloads are not public and you need permission to download such files. If you don't have a user account, you can enter your name, company, country and e-mail-address into the provided textfields. You will receive a download-link via e-mail.
How can I get a user account?
If you are a customer of Klippel, you can get a user account by contacting our support.
I have a user account. What can I do now?
With a user account you can log in to our Download Area and you will see an overview about all of your Klippel products. Also you can download your software and licences for your Klippel products.
I'm logged in with my user account. Where can I find my software/licences?
When you are logged in, you will see an additional entry in the main menu: "Personal Area". Under this entry you will find "My Products", where you will see a list of your products. You can download your software, which is listed under the headline "Software" and your licences, which are listed under the headline "Licences".