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Apr. 9, 2013
The Keyence Laser Settings tool shall be used to switch the Klippel provided laser settings.
Switching the settings is needed if different laser sensors are used at the same laser controller
or for the older LK-G3000 series lasers needing different settings for different measurement tasks.
The Klippel Scanning software will detect the connected laser head and switch the setups automatically.
Therefore it is only needed for regular RnD measurements (like LPM, LSI, DIS, TRF, …)

For the LK-G5000 series laser LK-H022, LK-H052, LK-H082, LK-H152 different setups and different combination of two sensors (only supported by Laser Controller rev. >2.0) could be selected.
The setups are still loaded into the laser controller at the delivery of complete laser sets.
Keyence LK-H22:
The Setups 1a, 2a, 3a and 4a are the default setups for the LK-H022, LK-H052, LK-H082 and LK-H152 sensors.

For the older LK-G3000 series lasers LK-G32, LK-G37 and LK-G82 two setups for each type are available.
Decide for the max. frequency or max. working range setup according your measurement task.
Keyence LK-G32 / LK-G37:
- Fmax = 10 kHz with +/-5 mm working range
- Fmax = 25 kHz with +5/-1.8 mm working range
Keyence LK-G82:
- Fmax = 10 kHz with +/-15 mm working range
- Fmax = 25 kHz with +/-3 mm working range


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