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Loudspeaker Seminar in SZ China - right after LS Sourcing Show

Solid assessment of speaker soft parts

General Information 

Date: 20th October 2017, 13:00 – 17:00
Location: BEST WESTERN Shenzhen Felicity Hotel; Heping Road No.1085, Shenzhen, China
Presenter: Xiangqiong Zeng (KLIPPEL Engineer)
Language: Chinese
Registration Fee: free of charge
Hong Kong: ManLi / / 852 3114 6018
Shenzhen: Irene.Lee / / 0755 8368 0078
Guangzhou: Xiaochang / / 020 3758 8221/ 138 0881 7355

We will also be attending the Loudspeaker Sourcing Show from Octobr 16th - 18th 2017


Soft parts (cone, diaphragm, suspension parts) of speakers are the weakest part while developing a transducer. Its performance will change with temperature, humidity, aging and so on. Therefore, it is a key step to understand and assess the soft parts accurately. This seminar provides technical background, an overview on modern soft part measurements and related standards like IEC.
The modern development goal of small and highly efficient transducers (necessarily) requires the exploitation of the non-linear working range while ensuring low distortion and stable operation. Major causes of the final non-linear properties are defined by the used components. Hence not only linear but also non-linear specification of soft parts will be discussed during this seminar.
The benefit for the speaker developer is achieving a stable, reproducible acoustic performance of the final speaker with a minimal number of trials. If the part supplier can provide detailed, reliable specification data to speaker manufacture, it will make communication easier and avoid costly trial and error methods.
At the same time, Simulation like FEA can also speed up the product design. Repetitive and expensive prototyping can be avoided. Key point for development is the material parameters of each soft part (as input data of the simulation). A method to extract material parameter from measurement will be presented in the seminar.

Seminar Invitation English

Seminar Invitation Chinese