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Seminar in Shenzhen and Shanghai

Testing smart: Testing modern audio devices using Klippel – Bluetooth, Wireless, Cloud, Microphones, Beamforming

LocationSeminar in ShenzhenSeminar in Shanghai
DateNov. 14th, 2018Nov. 20th, 2018
VenueBEST WESTERN Shenzhen Felicity HotelPine City Lodge Hotel, Shanghai
PresenterDr. Stefan IrrgangDr. Stefan Irrgang
with Chinese on-site translation
with Chinese on-site translation

AP Technology
Please see the Invitation for contact details

AP Technology
Please see the Invitation for contact details



Smart audio devices require also smart testing approaches. Traditional testing methods are not sufficient to check for more and more complex DSP based, active speakers and microphone array configurations. Flexible digital interfaces as well as the processing of recorded wavefiles are the basis for modern test equipment and methods. However, reliability, sensitivity, speed and robustness in a production environment are essential parts in any test configuration. In this seminar the interaction of all those aspects are discussed and demonstrated.
An outlook how a modern test system shall be part of the smart audio device and the mutual benefits of such an approach are presented as well.







Wednesday, 2018-11-14 08:50 Age: -22 Hours