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Seminar by W. Klippel in Northridge, USA

Seminar "Loudspeaker Design for Smart Systems" in Northridge, USA


General Information

WARKWYN, the official KLIPPEL distributor of Northern America and Canada is hosting a seminar on loudspeaker design presented by W. Klippel in January 2018 in Northridge, USA.

Dates: January 11th and 12th, 2018
Location: Harman Northridge Experience Centre, 8500 Balboa Boulevard Northridge, CA 91329
Presenter: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klippel
Registration: 350 USD 

Contact and registration: WARKWYN, Kent Peterson kent.peterson(at)warkwyn(dot)com (T:+1 612 759 4042; M: Cell: +1 612 804 3198)

Seminar invitation PDF

Loudspeaker Design for Smart Systems - Modelling, Measurement, Control

Digital signal processing used in active loudspeaker systems creates new degrees of freedom in the design of the Electroacoustical transducer to increase the efficiency and maximum output while decreasing size, weight and cost. Adaptive nonlinear control can compensate actively for loudspeaker nonlinearities and protect the transducer from mechanical and thermal overload. The seminar presents the theoretical basis for understanding the transducer in the small and large signal domain considering the modal vibration, the dominant nonlinearities inherent in loudspeakers and the heating process. The seminar makes the relationship between symptoms and physical causes of the distortion more transparent and addresses the perceptions of various signal distortion. 

Attendance is highly recommended for transducer and system engineers in the audio industry active in research and development, manufacturing and quality control.

∙ Root cause analysis of rocking modes (mass, stiffness, BI)
∙ Measurement of the nonlinear stiffness and damping of diaphragms
∙ Air nonlinearities in leaky boxes
∙ Distortion generated by nonlinear cone vibration
∙ Experimental modal analysis

∙ Thermal simulation of loudspeakers systems with time lapse technique
∙ Auralization of loudspeaker distortion

Holographic measurement of loudspeaker directivity in 3D Space 

∙ Measurement of transducers mounted in baffles
∙ Distributed sound sources (line arrays)
∙ Personal acoustic zones

Active control of loudspeaker systems
∙ Overview mechanical protection schemes
∙ How to specify protection parameters?