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QC5 Software

QC5 Software

KLIPPEL has released the latest software version QC5 of the QC SYSTEM.

Major features are:

•    New calculation and limit modes for harmonic distortion and Rub&Buzz relative to average level

•    Check vented box parameters: Q(box), f(box)

•    Fully configurable Limits and Setup from text files

•    Ensure production consistency by Nelson/Weco rules

•    Monitoring of microphone signal by PC soundcard

•    Manual sweep with waveform and spectral analysis

•    Online detection of Golden DUTs and much more


Get the complete list of new features from here.

The new version is fully compatible to the preceding versions. A smooth transition is ensured.

Contact our sales team to find out more about the updates and get your quote today.



Friday, 2016-07-08 09:48 Age: 1 Years