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ProLight & Sound Guangzhou

PLS GZ (China)

General Information

22.-25. February 2017 

Guangzhou, PR China

Exhibition @ booth  A07 (Hall 5.2)

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Seminar: Understanding the Mechanical Vibration of Loudspeakers and Headphones beyond the piston mode

Tuesday: 28. February 2017 (half day)

Venue: BM ZhiHui Square Business Center, QiaoXiang Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Presenter: William Cardenas (KLIPPEL Engineer)
Language: English with on site Chinese translation
Registration fee: Free of charge
Contact: EAV Industry Ltd.; Ms. Vicky (eav_audio(at)163(dot)com ; Tel:0755-83530109/ 13510627467)

The loudspeaker cone interfaces the mechanical vibration with the acoustic field affecting the performance and sound quality of loudspeaker drivers dramatically. Most of the efforts done to improve the quality and efficiency of the transducers is related to the fundamental mode (pistonic motion) and less efforts are done to cultivate and design the higher order modes (deformation of the cone) with desired characteristics to get the optimal performance of the transducer. In this tutorial the fundamentals of mechanical vibrations of loudspeakers will be presented on practical examples. The physics of the rocking modes are discussed in greater detail because they generate rub&buzz and other critical loudspeaker defects in microspeakers and headphones. Finally, the seminar shows the new opportunities to speed up the loudspeaker design process by using modern tools such as numerical simulation (FEA) and laser vibrometry.

Customer visits

We are planning some extra time for customer visits while we are in the area.  

Please contact Jasmin to arrange a meeting. 




Wednesday, 2017-02-22 10:22 Age: 5 Days