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New Articles

We updated our "Papers" site. Have a look at the following new articles:

The value assigned by the end user to a loudspeaker, headphone or any other audio device determines his pur-chase decision and the success of the product in the market. The paper investigates the relationship between end-user value, performance characteristics, cost structure and the particular design. A model based on modified benefit-cost ratio is presented that describes the impact (sensitivity) of the performance characteristics on the end-user value. The performance sensitivity is a central and powerful term in audio engineering because it links physical, perceptual and economical quantities. This new concept is applied to all phases of the product life and addresses open questions how to define the optimum target performance, selecting design choices, increasing the yield rate in production and assuring reliability and quality in the final application. 

Electromagnetic transducers using a balanced armature play an important role in hearing aids and in-ear headphones because they generate required sound output at high efficiency. This paper investigates the transfer behavior at high amplitudes and develops a lumped parameter model of this transducer that considers the nonlinearities caused by the geometry and material properties. This model is a basis for optimal transducer design, adjusting the armature in production and actively cancelling the nonlinear distortion through nonlinear, adaptive control. 

Loudspeakers are highly nonlinear and time-variant systems. Signal distortion, heating, climate and other external influences limit the maximum level and the quality of the reproduced sound. Recently, Nuvoton introduced a couple of new mono smart amplifier devices, NAU83G10 and NAU83G20, with integrated Klippel Controlled Sound (KCS) technology to cope with these undesired effects.


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