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Master Class "Micro-Speakers & Headphone Transducers" SZ - China

Master Class by W. Klippel in Shenzhen - China

General Information 

Date: November 3rd, 2017 (9am - 5pm)
Location: Shenzhen, China
Presenter: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klippel
Registration and Contact:
Mr. Lu Email: Tel: +86 755-2655 1977
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Master Class on "Micro-speakers and Headphone Transducer"

The electro-acoustical transducers used in headphones, smartphones and other personal audio equipment show particularities that are not found in woofers, tweeters and other drivers intended for conventional audio applications. Recent research activities have yielded advanced transducer models which consider linear, nonlinear and time variant properties and other vibration that generate undesired noise and distortion (rub & buzz) in the sound output. This master-class gives an overview on the physical root causes related to the geometry and material used in those kinds of transducers and their representation in a physical model based on lumped and distributed parameters. Important measurement techniques required to describe the transfer behavior of the loudspeakers by characteristics defined by international standards (IEC) are discussed. This information is not only crucial for passive transducer design but also for active systems where digital signal processing is used to increase sound output, quality, efficiency and to protect the transducer against overload. Finally, the audibility of the signal distortion and their impact on the reproduced sound quality are investigated by modern auralization techniques and systematic listening methods.


This one-day Master-class satisfies the needs of transducer and system engineers working with micro-speakers, headphones and similar transducers. Due to the limited time, this master class focuses on the particular problems that are interesting for experts in this field. There is not much time left to explain theoretical fundamentals and modern concepts of electro-acoustical modeling, measurement and transducer diagnostics. Interested students and engineers with less experience in the audio field are strongly recommended to attend the three-day lecture on “Sound quality of Audio Systems” that will be conveniently be presented at the Taichung Feng Chia University (Taiwan) a few days before the Master-class, from 30th October to 1st November 2017. This three-day lecture allows for the explanation of the general concepts in greater detail and for more practical experiments, exercises and discussions in small groups. However, the lecture will not address the particularities of headphones and microspeakers in detail.
Contact Information for Taiwan 3-Day-Lecture:
Henry Liou Tel +886-2-27218352 E-Mail: