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ISEAT - China

International Symposium on ElectroAcoustic

KLIPPEL will be attending the 2017 ISEAT. 

General information

Dates: November 4th and 5th,2017
Location: Shenzhen, PR China

Keynote: Assessing Loudspeaker Performance in the Target Application (Wolfgang Klippel)

Most measurements are performed on audio products during the development of the first prototype and at the end of the production line. Physical measurements and perceptional evaluation in the target application (e.g. car interior) are also required to define the target performance, to finish successfully the development and to evaluate the reliability and robustness of the product under the influence of climate, aging and other external factors. This paper discusses evaluation techniques that are useful in the different phases of the product life cycle to generate a successful product that provides the maximum benefit to the end user. 

Paper: Holographic Nearfield Measurement (Wolfgang Klippel)

The acoustical output of loudspeaker systems is usually measured in the far field under anechoic conditions requiring a large measurement distance and special treatment of the room (absorbing room boundaries, air condition). Also, the measurements of directivity characteristics at sufficient angular resolution are also very time consuming. The measurement in the near field of the sound source provides significant benefits (dominant direct sound, higher SNR, less climate impact) but requires a scanning process and a holographic processing of the measured data. This paper describes the theoretical basis of these new measurement technique and practical consequences for the loudspeaker diagnostics.