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Forum Acusticum

e-Forum Acusticum 2020 The Forum Acusticum are learning from recent virtual events to take the best of all past experiences. The organizer will offer you a virtual exhibition hall with the best experience and products information from their sponsors as well a great technical program.  

Forum Acusticum - Dec 7-11, 2020

Our Paper Sessions at Forum AcusticumSession S175 - Transducers and Control - Wednesday, December 9th 2020
Paper Session Nr. 38: Optimal Loudspeaker Design by using Adaptive, Nonlinear Control by Wolfgang Klippel at 8:50 am (CET)
Abstract: Traditional loudspeaker design requires a compromise between maximum SPL, sound quality, size, weight, cost and energy consumed by the audio device. Nonlinear adaptive control can compensate for the undesired signal distortion, protect the transducer against overload, stabilize the voice coil position and cope with time-varying properties of the suspension. The paper presents a new design concept for active loudspeaker systems that uses the new degree of freedom provided by DSP to use transducers with significant nonlinearities and modal resonances to increase efficiency, voltage sensitivity of the electro-acoustical conversion while using a minimum of hardware resources and energy.


Session S417 - Miniature Electroacoustic Transducers for In-Ear Applications -Thursday, December 10th 2020
Paper Session Nr. 37: Modeling Balanced Armature Transducers at High Amplitudes by Wolfgang Klippel at 2:10 pm (CET)

Abstract: Electromagnetic transducers using a balanced armature play an important role in hearing aids and in-ear headphones because they generate required sound output at high efficiency. This paper investigates the transfer behavior at high amplitudes and develops a lumped parameter model of this transducer which considers the influence of nonlinearities caused by the geometry and material properties. The nonlinearities and other free parameters of the model are determined by sensing electrical signals at the transducer terminals only. The parameters are important for optimal transducer design, adjusting the armature in production and cancelling the nonlinear distortion actively by nonlinear, adaptive control.


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