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AES New York 2018

145th International Pro Audio Convention

General Information

Dates Exhibition: October 17th - 19th, 2018
Dates Program: October 17th - 20th, 2018
Location: Jacob Javits Convention Centre, 655 W 34th Street, New York, NY 1001, USA
Booth: #445
FREE Exhibits Plus VIP Code: 145AES1267

Paper Presentations

Paper Session P04-4 - Transducers Part 1 - Minimizing Costs in Audio Devices through Efficient End-of-Line Testing

Wednesday, October 17th, 4:00-4:30 p.m. (Room 1E11)
Variances in the parts and uncertainties in the assembling process degrade the performance and the reliability of the manufactured devices. Defective units increase the manufacturing cost if detected during end-of-line testing or increase the after-sales cost if an undetected failure occurs in the field. This paper addresses the role of end-of-line testing to reduce both kinds of failures and to maximize the performance/cost ratio as seen by the end-user. The selection of sensitive and fast measurements, which can be performed under manufacturing conditions, is the basis for the PASS/FAIL classification. The paper shows that optimal production limits used in EoL-testing minimize the overall cost by considering a clear product definition, information from the particular design, statistical data from manufacturing process and traceability of the field rejects. The general concept presented here is illustrated using practical examples from automotive and other applications.

Product Development: PD08 - Benefitting from New Loudspeaker Standards

Thursday, October 18th, 2:45 - 4:15 p.m. (Room 1E09)
This tutorial focuses on the development of new IEC standards, addressing conventional and modern measurement techniques applicable to all kinds of transducers, active and passive loudspeakers and other sound reproduction systems. The first proposed standard (IEC 60268-21) describes important acoustical measurements for evaluating the generated sound field and signal distortion. The second standard (IEC 60268-22) is dedicated to the measurement of electrical and mechanical state variables (e.g. displacement), the identification of lumped and distributed parameters (e.g. T/S) and long-term testing to assess power handling, thermal capabilities, product reliability and climate impact. The third standard (IEC 63034) addresses the particularities of micro-speakers used in mobile and other personal audio devices. The tutorial gives a deeper insight into the background, theory and practical know-how behind those standards and shows the relevance for transducer and system design.

Product Development: PD10 - Designing Hardware and Software Components in Modern Loudspeaker Systems

Friday, October 19th, 9:00 - 10:15 a.m. (Room 1E09)
Modern loudspeakers use digital signal processing to generate more output with less energy and optimized hardware while coping with signal distortion, instabilities, overload, aging, climate, and other external influences. The control software provides self-learning capabilities and valuable diagnostic information that simplifies the selection of hardware components, integration in an active system, and assessing the performance of the product in the target application. The tutorial explains essential technical characteristics, the physical background, and practical simulation tools to exploit the new opportunities in optimized amplifier and transducer design.







Wednesday, 2018-10-17 10:39 Age: -2 Days