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Impedance Task (IMP)

Task of the QC STANDARD Software and Optional Module for the R&D System

Features and Benefits

  • Measurement module for the Klippel Analyzer System
  • Optimized for quality control applications, such as end-of-line testing
  • Included in the Klippel QC Standard Software package
  • Stimulus: fast multi-tone or chirp based
  • Inductance models: Wright, Leach, LR-2
  • Electrical signal (voltage, current) analysis providing

    • T/S parameter identification according to IEC 60286
    • Vented Box Parameters (fb, Qb)
    • Impedance amplitude and phase frequency response
    • Current and voltage spectrum, noise and distortion
    • Limits and grades for all measures
    • Online yield, process control Cpk/Ppk, control rules 

The Impedance Task (IMP) identifies the lumped parameters of the equivalent circuit of the transducer, including Thiele/Small, creep and lossy inductance parameters. It complies with IEC standards 60268-5 and 60268-22. A multi-tone stimulus is used to measure the voltage and current using the measurement hardware Klippel Analyzer KA3 (QC Card, Speaker Card) or Production Analyzer. To ensure accurate measurement in the small signal domain, distortion in current and voltage are measured and checked against admissible limits.


Optional Extensions

Options operate as plug-ins and extend the functionality of this task. 
No additional test time is required, all options use or modify the excitation of this task.

Add-Ons (to purchase):
QC Laser Fitting (TSX):  
   Provides full Thiele/Small parameter identification with laser including Bl, Mms

Feature Libraries (free of charge): 
Sequence Control: 
  Skip or repeat tasks in a QC-test sequence.
Text Logging: 
  Exporting results as plain text file (csv).


Test Hardware
KLIPPEL Analyzer (KA3)
Production Analyzer (PA)

License Dongle (USB)

Included in QC Standard from version 1.0
Not available for QC Basic
Available as module for R&D Software 210 or higher (+IMP license)

Power Amplifier
          - KA 3 QC Card or Amp Card (opt.) or
          - External, 3rd party Amplifier

Related Information

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Examples of Typical Applications
Driver test setup
Passive system test setup
Active 2.1 system with electrical and acoustical testing
5.1 system with electrical and acoustical testing 
Alternate test setup


International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC 60268-5, IEC 60268-22, IEC 62459, IEC WD 63034

Audio Engineering Society
AES2, AES X241