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Production Analyzer - Hardware of KLIPPEL QC SYSTEM

  • 2 balanced XLR inputs + outputs (100 dB SNR)
  • 2 BNC microphone inputs (100 dB SNR)
  • input preamplifiers controlled in 1dB steps to ensure maximal SNR
  • IEPE power for microphone, accelerometers and others
  • 2 speaker terminals to measure two channels simultaneously
  • Galvanically decoupled current sensor for up to 40 A (15 V rms continuous operation)
  • Voltage sensor up to 200 V (4 wire Kelvin configuration)
  • Interface for temperature and humidity sensor for climate monitoring
  • General purpose digital input and output pins (GPIO)
  • Gain and performance check of external power amplifier

The Production Analyzer is the sensor and data acquisition platform for the KLIPPEL QC software. It comprises a dedicated sensor front-end for speaker measurements as well as for professional AD/DA converter. The PA is equipped with built-in current and voltage sensors, provides a microphone power supply, symmetrical in- and outputs and digital I/O. It allows performing highly flexible tests on electro-acoustical transducers. It is a two-channel system which allows the measurement of two speakers under test in parallel or one driver while mounting the second driver in time critical applications, such as end-of-line testing.  

Test Setup for 5.1 System Testing
Channels can be extended by using multiplexers for XLR input and output, microphone and speaker channels. This is an example for 5.1 system testing using speaker and microphone multiplexers.

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