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Spectrum Analysis (SAN)

Optional Module for the KLIPPEL QC Framework

  • Spectrum analysis of any noise source
  • A-weighted sound pressure level
  • Frequency response with noise (white, pink) or any other test signal (e.g. music)
  • Incoherence analysis provides distortion assessment
  • Phase and polarity
  • Simple, universal, flexible
  • Use your favorite test signal
  • Noise & vibration testing

The Spectrum Analysis (SAN) is a versatile tool for the QC framework of the KLIPPEL Analyzer System dedicated to testing loudspeakers, audio systems or any sound emitting devices with no signal input. A white or pink noise generator is provided to measure characteristics like sound pressure spectrum, frequency response, A-weighted level and incoherence. You may use your own stimulus signal that can be imported as a wave file. Even when no test signal can be applied, you may evaluate the spectrum and level of any sound or noise sources and apply PASS/FAIL limits. The SAN is included in QC Standard Software and is available as a module for R&D applications. It is not available in QC Basic software.


    Capture and/or playback hardware: KLIPPEL Analyzer 3 (KA3), Production Analyzer (PA) or 3rd party audio interface (sound card)

    QC Standard from version 6.3 or R&D Software 210 or higher (+SAN license)

    Amplifier or KA3 Amp Card (opt.)

    Application Notes