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QC Stand-alone Software

Stand-alone Software Version of the KLIPPEL QC SYSTEM

This version of the QC System is a software-only package based on QC Standard version. It is dedicated to testing applications which do not require the particular features of Production Analyzer hardware (e.g. voltage/current sensors for impedance testing, Digital IO interface). Any 3rd party audio interface (external soundcard) may be used as a measurement device instead.


The QC Stand-alone Software version is very suitable for mobile testing applications (e.g. installed speaker diagnostics, rental companies, car audio system …) or electronics testing. Only acoustical or line level tests are supported. None of the impedance based test tasks or add-on modules are supported.




The following restrictions apply compared to the QC Standard Set:

  • Impedance measurement (terminal voltage and current) is not available
  • No power amplifier handling (gain check not supported)
  • Some add-on modules are not supported (e.g. Motor+Suspension Check)
  • Production Analyzer cannot be operated


The user is responsible for selection, installation, configuration and robustness of 3rd party audio interfaces. A list of recommended audio interfaces is available separately. Klippel provides limited support for recommended audio interfaces only.

Hardware requirements


Germany: P10214407
USA: 7,221,167

China: 03108708.6