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QC Basic System

Basic version of the KLIPPEL QC SYSTEM

The QC Basic System provides the most frequently required measurements for fast QC tests:

  • frequency response
  • THD, 2nd-5th harmonic
  • Rub&Buzz, Loose Particle Detection
  • polarity
  • level
  • impedance vs. frequency
  • Re, fs, Qts

and the following features:

  • algorithm based limit generation
  • application to speaker drivers or systems
  • QC-Start program to manage tests and templates
  • Extraction Tool to access single number values and curve data from stored result databases
  • barcode scanner interface
  • automatic power amplifier gain check
  • calibration of PA hardware, power amplifier and microphones
  • configuration of operator rights
  • limit recalibration (using “golden reference unit”)


The following restrictions apply compared to the QC Standard Version:

  • The only measurement task that may be applied is the combined task for sound pressure and impedance test 
  • Only a limited selection of available add-on modules is operable with the QC Basic System
  • Task sequences are supported only for up to 3 tasks (steps) 
  • Sweep profiles (level and speed) are not available
  • Multiple reference DUTs are not available (restricted to one)
  • Automatic “golden unit” from a list of reference DUTs detection not available
  • User customized scripts modified with the Programmable System cannot be executed on Basic System units
  • Production Noise Detection is not supported


Hardware requirements

Other versions of the QC SYSTEM