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Other Useful 3rd Party Tools

Here you can find a list of useful hard- and software tools from other suppliers cooperating with KLIPPEL.


ARES is an icon based modeler that allows you to quickly place speakers, microphones, volumes, ports, radiators, etc. and to connect them in arbitrary topologies as well as to simulate any configuration.
KLIPPEL and KLIPPEL's distributors sell the MAE software tool.


Please find more information:


MAE Website


Demo Videos

Acoustic Microphone Modeling

Installing the Ares Acoustical System

Introduction to the Ares Acoustical System

Modeling of a simple Loudspeaker Enclosure

Plotting and Exporting Impedance Data from the Ares Acoustic Modeler

Using the graph element in the Ares Acoustic Modeler



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FEA to Scanning Vibrometer System

FEA2SCN are modules to link Finite Element Analyses with the Klippel Scanner Analysis (SCN System).

  • Interpolation of data from non-structured FEA-meshes
  • Allow acoustic and acceleration decomposition of FEA-results
  • Support for 2D and 3D models exploiting possible symmetries
  • Include simulation of electromagnetic motor system (T/S parameters)
  • Eliminates unacceptable long computational run-times of 3D non-axisymmetric transducers, passive radiators, loudspeaker cabinets, etc.

FEA2SCN is supported for ANSYS and COMSOL Multiphysics. Modules for other FEA-tools can be developed – contact True Technology.
Please find more information in Application Note 66.

Rayleigh integral via FEA2SCN and Klippel Scanner

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Test Chambers

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