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Air Leak Detection (ALD)

Optional module of the KLIPPEL QC SYSTEM

Leak Detection

This software module of the QC system is dedicated to the detection of air leaks in enclosures, dust caps and other parts of loudspeaker systems. The measurement uses a single-tone stimulus in combination with a demodulation technique and a distortion analysis providing unique symptoms of turbulent air noise and leak distortion to distinguish this defect from rub and buzz, loose particles and other defects. This ensures a high detection sensitivity even in some distance from the source. The software supports multiplexing multiple microphones located around large measurement objects (large enclosures). The powerful tool combines easy handling with high speed measurement and robustness against ambient noise.



Driver Testing

Gluing errors in drivers are likely to cause air leakage in the surround or the dust cap that may only be audible in the final application when the driver is mounted in a closed or vented enclosure. Such leaks may not be detected under free air conditions due to the lag of air pressure caused by the acoustical short-circuit at low frequencies.

Measuring the driver in an adequately small test box provides the required in-box pressure at low frequencies to stimulate even very small driver leaks. Additionally, the test box offers ambient noise attenuation to go for maximal sensitivity in leak detection and driver testing.

Leak detection for large subwoofer

Detecting air leaks in large speaker systems with only one microphone leads to physical problems due to shadowing of high frequency leak noise. Locating multiple microphones around the device under test solves this problem by measuring the speaker from different sides and thus covering the whole surface. The four test microphones are switched by a signal multiplexer for sequential measurement. An additional far-field microphone always monitors ambient noise in parallel while the measurement chamber guarantees proper ambient noise attenuation for maximal measurement sensitivity.


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