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Sound Radiation and Propagation

Sound Radiation and Propagation

Far field sound pressure on-axis

  • SPL sensitivity at 1W and 1m on-axis Mean level in frequency band Effective frequency range

Directional radiation characteristics

  • Off-axis far field SPL response Directional response pattern Polar and balloon plots Coverage and radiation angle Directivity index Sound power response

Near field measurement

  • Extrapolated far-field SPL response Low frequency measurements without anechoic condition Splicing near-field/ far-field measurement Merging multiple sound sources Distortion measurements at high SNR

Area of radiation

  • Effective radiation area Sd

Radiation analysis

  • Far field SPL-response generated in a half space Directivity index, sound power response Polar and balloon plot In-phase component (constructive contribution to SPL) Anti-phase component (destructive contribution to SPL) Quadrature component (no contribution to SPL)