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Acoustical Measurement of Sound System Equipment according to IEC 60268-21

KLIPPEL LIVE is an informative new webinar series as we continue to educate and support loudspeaker designers and manufacturers around the globe. To kick this off, we start with a 15 part series about using the IEC 60268-21 acoustical measurement standard, perfect for anyone working with speakers, headphone and other audio devices. 


This includes practical information regarding:

  • Quickly and accurately measuring in normal, non-anechoic rooms

  • Comprehensive distortion testing

  • Linking physical and perceptual evaluation 

Along the way, we give tips and discuss how to:

  • Interpret measurement results
  • Avoid pitfalls  

At the end of each live webinar, we will answer questions submitted by you, the viewer.


Detailed module comparison chart for IEC Standard 60268-21.

Upcoming Webinar

Part 11: Pitfalls in Testing Wireless Audio Devices

The next webinar addresses issues that arise when testing wireless audio devices, their effects and how to overcome them to ensure accurate measurements.


Date: Wednesday, 22nd July 2020

Start at 5:00 pm (CEST)


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Section Agenda

  • New challenges in modern audio devices
  • Solutions for R&D and QC end-of-line testing
  • Overview on common problems
  • Practical tips to ensure reliable test data
  • Demos

Webinar Overview

DateSessionRegistration Replay WebinarHandout中文版讲义
April 22th, 20201. Modern Audio Equipment Needs Output Based Testing                                    closedLink Session 1


课程 1
April 29th, 20202. Standard Acoustical Tests Performed in Normal Rooms closedLinkSession 2


课程 2
May   6th, 20203. Drawing Meaningful Conclusions from 3D Output Measurement closedLinkSession 3


课程 3
May 13th, 2020

4. Simulated Standard Condition at an Evaluation Point 

closedLinkSession 4KLIPPEL 腾讯视频课程 4
May 20th, 20205. Maximum SPL – Giving this Value Meaning closedLinkSession 5KLIPPEL 腾讯视频课程 5
May 27th, 20206. Selecting Measurements with High Diagnostic Value closedLinkSession 6KLIPPEL 腾讯视频课程 6
June 3rd, 20207. Amplitude Compression – Less Output at Higher Amplitudes closedLinkSession 7KLIPPEL 腾讯视频课程 7
June 10th, 2020

8. Harmonic Distortion Measurements – Best Practice 

closedLinkSession 8KLIPPEL 腾讯视频课程 8
June 17th, 20209. Intermodulation Distortion – Music is More than a Single Tone closedLinkSession 9
June 24th, 202010. Impulsive distortion - Rub&Buzz, Abnormal Behavior, Defects closedLinkSession 10
July 22nd 202011. Pitfalls in Testing Wireless Audio DevicesLinkComing soon
July 29th 202012. Benchmarking of Audio Products Under Standard ConditionsComing soonComing soon
Coming soon13. Auralization of Signal Distortion – Perceptual Evaluation and Room InteraktionComing soonComing soon
Coming soon14. Setting Meaningful Tolerances for Signal Distortion Coming soonComing soon
Coming soon15. Rating the Maximum SPL Value for a Product Coming soonComing soon