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KA3 - Klippel Analyzer 3

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  • Adaptable, modular hardware concept
  • Wider frequency range (fs ≤ 192 kHz)
  • Excellent sensitivity, SNR and distortion
  • New measurement modules for evolving needs
  • Sturdy, compact hardware at high performance
  • Promotes well-organized cable placement



Klippel Analyzer 3是用于R& D模块和QC测试任务的硬件平台,用于执行数据采集和实时处理。通过USB 2.0连接到主机PC/dB-Lab。标准配置中,硬件含有几个输入和输出通道,它们均以高达192 kHz的24位格式数字化。它允许扬声器的直接电流/电压测量,并为BNC和XLR麦克风内置了电源。由于其模块化设计,该平台具有出色的可持续性和灵活性,可适应于特殊和未来的测量应用。


[Translate to cn:] The KA3 is a modular device, composed of a KA3-Frame and Cards.

The Frame offers six slots for cards to plug in. The cards contain different connectors and processing capabilities to allow for certain data acquisition or software modules.
Using this concept, it is possible to extend the functionality over time and needs as well as simplify repair and / or calibration. 

In the standard version, the KA3 is equipped with a Laser-, Speaker- and XLR-Card. 
Extending or changing the KA3 composition is possible on request only!

The basic KA3-frame is a 19” 2HE unit. It is powered by an external power supply of 24 VDC nominal and is connected to the measurement PC via USB.


Contains 2x SpeakON speaker channels, 1x SpeakON Amplifier input


Unbalanced I/O-Card containing 1x BNC output, two LEMO inputs with 24VDC supply, two BNC inputs with IEPE power


Balanced I/O-Card containing two XLR outputs, two XLR inputs with Phantom power

Amplifier Card1x speakON output, 2x amplifier channel



Dual BNC input + V/I measurement + integrated amplifier + single balanced XLR output

KLIPPEL Analyzer 3包中包含的组件



Distortion Analyzer 硬件(Laser-,Speaker-和XLR Card)
dB-Lab 210 (项目管理软件)

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