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Power Handling and Heat Dissipation

Accelerated Life and Power Testing

  • Input power versus time
  • Displacement versus time
  • Voice coil temperature
  • Durability, endurance, reliability
  • Parameter variation over time (aging)

Voice Coil Temperature

  • Variation of dc resistance Re versus time
  • Increase of voice coil temperature δTv
  • Heating and cooling curves

Thermal Parameter Measurements

  • Thermal resistances of voice coil and magnet
  • Thermal capacities of voice coil and magnet
  • Air convection cooling coefficient
  • Eddy current heating factor

Thermal Analysis and Heat Transfer

  • Increase of voice coil temperature δTv
  • Increase of magnet temperature δTm
  • Bypass factor
  • Power Pcoil transferred to coil
  • Power Pcon transferred by convection cooling
  • Power Peg transferred by eddy currents

Voltage and Current

  • Rated noise voltage
  • Short term maximum voltage
  • Long term maximum voltage
  • Peak and rms value, crest factor
  • Probability density function

Electrical Input Power

  • Real input power Preal
  • Power P­Re dissipated on Re
  • Pn nominal impedance Zn
  • Short term maximum input power
  • Long term maximum power